Corporate (Cup)Cake Club


Introducing a new and delicious way to celebrate your employees! Eats by Chef Mel is now offering the Corporate (Cup)Cake Club, a monthly cupcake subscription delivered straight to your office!

Create a social and community-minded office experience with cupcakes! What better way to celebrate new additions to your team, birthdays, anniversaries or a Thursday than with cupcakes?? Each month, Mel will deliver cupcakes to your office for you and your staff to enjoy. And, foster an even more social environment with Mel’s “Outside the Box” Cupcake Chat, designed to create a communal social hour between employees. Cupcake Chats are included cards with inspirational questions and topics (attached to your cupcake order) so your staff can share ideas, discuss new ways of thinking about your business, and foster a positive work environment.

You can feel confident that Mel will provide a delicious treat with a professional style. And, your membership is absolutely risk-free and can be cancelled at any time*.

Click below to start your subscription, or contact Mel here for more information!

*Subscription cancellations must be made (via email) within 30 days of next scheduled delivery date.


Tier 1: $3.75/employee

Receive the following once a month:

  • Your choice of regular sized cupcakes (1 per person) or mini cupcakes (2 per person)

  • Delivered on the 15th of each month (or the previous workday if the 15th falls on a weekend)

  • Cupcake flavors will be Chef’s assortment based on time of year and made with seasonal ingredients (dietary options available)

  • Minimum 1 dozen regular cupcakes or 2 dozen mini cupcakes


Tier 2: $4.50/employee

Level 1 Tier offerings, plus:

  • Flexible date in delivery per month-perfect for office meetings and special occasions!

  • Flexible cupcake flavor choices

  • “Outside the Box” Cupcake Chat card to create a communal social hour


Tier 3: $5.75/employee

Level 2 Tier offerings, plus:

  • Volume discounts on orders of 150 cupcakes or more (10% discount on 150-300, 15% discount on 300 cupcakes or more)

  • Personalized Birthday & Company Anniversary cards attached to monthly delivery

  • Complimentary set up (cupcake stands and trays included. Deposit required)

Looking to celebrate your employees or clients with cake instead of cupcakes? Contact Mel here to inquire about the Birthday Club!