Q: What is your company?

A: Eats by Chef Mel is a baking business offering specialty cakes and cupcakes to the Indianapolis area. We make 6” and 8” cakes, as well as mini cupcakes and standard cupcakes.

Q: What kind of special event treats can you do?

A: We can make cupcakes or cakes for birthday parties for kids ages 1-99, bridal showers, baby showers, gender reveal parties, retirement parties, “Hey it’s Thursday!” parties, office parties, etc. You have a special occasion and you want cake, Mel can help you out.

Q: Do you make pies or cookies?

A: At this time we are only offering cakes and cupcakes. Though if that changes we will be sure to announce it!

Q: What kind of cakes do you offer?

A: We offer 3 layer cakes in either 6” or 8” sizes. Standard cakes are made with either chocolate or vanilla cake, then piped with your choice of chocolate or vanilla buttercream. Specialty cakes are your choice of cake flavors (really the options are endless) and can be filled with chocolate or white chocolate ganache or mousse, lemon curd, fruit filling or maybe some other combination we can come up with together!

No matter what, your cake will be lovingly piped with delicious buttercream and created to complement your special occasion and wow your guests!

Q: Do you do fondant cakes?

A: At the moment we only do accents of fondant on our cakes. Mel LOVES playing with fondant but also LOVES buttercream so the happy medium is to add a little to each and make it unique to every person’s special event.

Q: Do you make wedding cakes?

A: Mel is looking to offer wedding cakes as part of her menu starting in early 2020. Stay tuned for more info on that as we get it!

Q: Do you offer volume discounts?

A: We do offer volume discount on large orders of cupcakes of 5 dozen or more, or when enrolling in our cake membership club. This is especially helpful for companies looking to do large orders for office parties or birthday celebrations. For more info contact Mel here.

Q: WHY did you leave the islands???!!???

A: Ha ha, we get asked that a LOT. In a nutshell, the two Category 5 hurricanes that devastated our island home in 2017 left us and our businesses high and dry (no pun intended). We realized it was a great opportunity to make a change, and we wanted to be closer to family and friends in the states, so we decided to move back. Yes, we still miss our island and our friends there, but it’s good to be back home again in Indiana too! :)

Q: Do you ship?

A: At the moment we do not offer shipping but stay tuned because we are trying to figure out how to make that happen in the future!!